Homemade Style Yogurt ?

We have got just what you want.

pure & authentic

ai YOGURT (ai-pronounced as "i" which means "love" in Chinese language) is a brand of Yogurt Friends, a specialty yogurt shop located in Putra Heights, Selangor. Our mission is to produce high quality, healthy & delicious yogurt free from artificial ingredients.

We apply stringent hygienic control in production of ai YOGURT in our commercial kitchen, using halal ingredients and simple recipes & process to secure the best sensory quality, safety and also functional & nutritional values of our yogurt.

Not all plain yogurt are sour

Try our No Added Sugar plain yogurt and you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to eat it, even just on its own.


If you prefer a little sweetness, you can choose our Mild Sweet plain yogurt too...

real fruits inside

All our cup and drinkable fruited yogurt series contains real, chuncky pieces of cooked fruits.


No flavorings, no colourings.