When working for a leading European biotechnology company previously, people used to ask about our profession and they always puzzled or speechless when we told them that we sell bacteria! But quickly, we have to clarify that we actually sell bacteria cultures and probiotics (which are the good bacteria) for industrial yogurt applications and they seemed more relief after that :-) 


   Both of us as qualified Food Technologists and with combined experience of over 30 years, directly involved in yogurt industry (working in yogurt factories, providing technical support for new product development, production trouble shooting, etc), we have traveled extensively within the region and have the privilege & great time working with many big dairies/yogurt companies.


   We noticed there is an increasing appreciation for healthy yogurt in Malaysia, and deep inside, there has always been a hidden passion within ourselves that one day we should start a yogurt specialty shop and to leverage on our in depth knowledge about yogurt science & technology, allow us to develop and make high quality, healthy & delicious yogurt to serve all our yogurt loving friends. That's how ai YOGURT comes about......


   ai YOGURT is not just another one of the many already booming frozen yogurt chains/outlets. Our aim is to make fresh, authentic & healthy yogurt just like the ones you made at home yourselves. If you happened to pass by our retailed outlet and see that we are selling only yogurt and nothing else... don't be surprised!  Making yogurt is all our expertise is and we will be so pleased to share our yogurt with someone like you who appreciate yogurt, as much as we enjoy making them for you.





Tea & Yen (2013)